Disclaimer/Terms of Use

Disclaimer and Terms of Use

Last updated: 10/21/2014

Reviews on this blog: 
Information on this blog is for informational purposes only and are criticisms and comments towards products I review on this blog. All content written, produced, and photographed on this blog, unless otherwise stated, are created and owned by me. Content written expresses my own personal opinions and explains my own experiences when using these products and are described in the form of product reviews. My recommendations as part of these reviews are only suggestions or advice. Think of it as you are getting honest advice from a friend. It is at your own discretion whether or not to take this into account to make an informed decision on a product purchase. 

Please keep in mind that everyone's body is unique and different so what might work for me might not work the same for you. It is always recommended to do an allergy test for makeup and skincare products to test for adverse reactions.

Products reviewed on this blog: 
All products and box subscription services reviewed on this blog are purchased by me, unless otherwise stated. I do not work for the brands/companies that are mentioned on this blog. If I received a product for free because I requested it, I will mention it was a free sample in the blog post. If it is a product sponsored from a company, this will be mentioned in the blog post at the top or bottom of the blog post. Sponsored posts will include the words "Sponsored by." 
*If you are a representative of a company that would like to sponsor a product review that will appear on this blog, please contact me using the contact form (located at the bottom of this page).

Images and content created by me: 
All images and content appearing on this blog are created by and belong to me, unless otherwise stated. Both images and content created by me cannot be reproduced without permission from me. If I accept your reproduction request, you must include a hyperlink to the address "https://intrice.blogspot.com" back to my blog with appropriate credit identifying me (Carol of Intrice Blog) as the owner of the image or written content.
*For requests, please use the contact form (located at the bottom of this page) or leave me a comment on the blog post with your permission request.

Images and content used on the blog website not created by/owned by me:
Images and content will include an authorship credit, in the form of hyperlinking or typed url address, will be given to original creators of images and content if it is used on this blog. Regards to image and content not created by me, I do not own these images or content and have no affiliation with the companies of said products. These images or content are being used as part of criticisms and comments towards products I review on this blog.

For example, within blog posts, authorship would appear like this: 
- *below the photo* Photo Credit: www.urlhere.com
- "Quoted Text" -- from text linked to original author of content
-  If its in a paragraph, I will mention the original author and place the content in quotes [" text "] with the the author mentioned in the same sentence or in the same paragraph.

*If you are the original owner of content appearing on this blog and wish to have the content removed, please fill out the contact form (located at the bottom of this page) with your inquiry.

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