October 29, 2014

8 Things I Look Forward To For Florida Fall Weather

8 Things I Look Forward To For Florida Fall Weather - intrice.blogspot.com

1. A cooling breeze giving us a break from hot weather for a change.
It feels nice to not have to crank the a/c so high or have sweat bearing down on you. These past few days have felt amazing.

2. Lots of pumpkin and spice creations with food, desserts, and beverages.
You know it's Fall when you start seeing pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, or pumpkin spice ale on the menu or in stores.

3. Less humidity meaning hair that is no longer puffy or frizzy.
Unless you lived somewhere as humid or more humid than Florida, you won't understand how much humidity can affect someone's hair.

4. The return of medieval and renaissance fairs better to be enjoyed in cooler weather.
If you have not gone to one yet, you are missing out. The sights, the sounds, the smells. It's like traveling back in time when you visit a medieval or renaissance fair.  Everything put into one of these is breathtaking and most importantly, fun. Who doesn't like jousting or knights?

5. Finally, it's "normal" to wear scarves, jackets, coats, and boots.
I think for Floridians who love Fall fashion, we consider this as a favorite time of year for us because of the accessories and a break from the heat. To some we might look crazy because it might not be cold enough to wear all cold weather apparel but who cares? It's not going to get cold enough to snow for us to pull out all the stops.

6. Stone Crab season is upon us again! (Along with other seafood that is most tasty in Fall)
This means Joe's Crab Shack is reopening and other seafood dining establishments have expanded their menu temporarily.

7. Spending time outdoors with friends and family because it is no longer too to be hot outside. 
This includes activities like picnics, dining outside,  or "camping." It just feels nice to be outside so might as well take advantage of the opportunity.

8. Fall and Winter themed scents in candles and lotions are finally out.
Roasted marshmallows. S'mores. Cranberry. Pumpkin Spice. Apple Cider. Peppermint. Vanilla Bean. Cinnamon. Pine. I could continue to list more but you get the picture. All these delightful scents are there to meet you when you go shopping.  These special editions are one of the reasons why Fall is my favorite time of year.

So what about you. What are your reasons to look forward to Fall? I would love to read them.
Leave me a comment below or tweet me @intriceblog.

x Carol


  1. Great post!!!! We have Spring now yippppeee

  2. Haha Yeah I love fall because I can finally wear scarves and tights but no matter where i go I'll have my cute scarf on and there's always someone in shorts... and it makes me feel so stupid haha Gotta love Florida ;)



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