July 6, 2014

What is this blog all about?

I hope to be able to use this to cover various topics of interest to me. I have been working on a list and trying to see the best layout for this blog to make it into a blog and informational website combination.
So far I have decided I wanted to post about:
  • Beauty/Health Product Reviews
  • Skincare Product Reviews  (including popular products from China, Korea, and Japan)
  • Birchbox Hauls
  • Sephora Hauls
  • The Body Shop Hauls
  • Couponing (I don't consider myself to be at extreme couponing level, yet, but hopefully will get there...lol)
  • Teaching English in China (Personal experiences in Hangzhou and Xuzhou and tips like helping you choose the right English school)
  • Study Abroad (Personal experiences in Hangzhou and Xuzhou, China and how to fund your own study abroad)
  • Traveling around China (Personal experiences traveling China and tips on best ways to travel as a tourist)
  • Contemporary Chinese Culture (Chinese youth, Chinese society, Chinese business practices)
  • Social media marketing tips
  • Display some graphic designs/templates made by me 
  • Foodie Album
I know that my categories are going to be kind of broad, which is already presenting itself as a challenge with layout design ideas but I am going to make it work! If anything, thank goodness for the evolution of blogging and the creation of "tags" for posts :D so if you are interested in only one specific category I will be writing about then you can just click on the tag to jump to those posts. 

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