February 6, 2015

Review: Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum

boots no7 protect and perfect advanced serum -- photo credit: intrice.blogspot.com

The Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Serum promises that you will see results after using it for just 2 weeks. It is supposed to smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, and reverse other signs of aging. I received a sample of this facial serum as part of my Influenster #FrostyVoxBox to test and write an honest review.

The amount that came in the small packet was enough for me to use for about a week. So the results I will be discussing are after one week of use. I am in my mid twenties so I am trying to build up my anti-aging skin care arsenal.

With the Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum, it is white but applies as a transparent clear liquid. Only a dime-size amount is enough to cover the entire face. I really liked that this did not feel sticky at all and it was able to absorb quickly into my skin after application.

With each day that I used it, I noticed that it helped to plump up the areas of my face that had deep lines like my smile lines. The areas with my fine lines around my eye area were moisturized and plumped too. It gave me a less tired looking appearance.

I think the plumping action of this serum is how it makes everything look smoother and what the brand considers as reversing the signs of aging. Sadly, I don't have enough product from the sample to know what my skin will look like after just 2 weeks.

For the week that I used this, my complexion was glowing the day after day. My skin was supple and I think it helped to enhance the absorption of my nighttime moisturizer. It seems like a good serum to target fine lines and help with the overall complexion of your skin.

I think this is something worth considering if you are looking for an anti-aging serum as a preventative measure and want to improve the overall health of your skin. There is also a "Intense" version of this serum for women who have deeper wrinkles.

Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Serum
Retails:  $17.49 (Target.com)

Have you tried any products from Boots No7?
What is your current facial serum?

x Carol

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*This post is sponsored by Influenster and Boots No7. I received samples of the Protect and Perfect Serum to try and to write an honest review about each product. All opinions are my own and reflect my experiences when using these products. All photos belong to Intrice Blog unless otherwise stated.


  1. I havent tried this serum before but I would really recommend the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, its my all time favourite xxx

    1. I will look into it. Thanks for the recommendation Laura! :D

  2. Great review, Carol and I have seen No. 7 in Shoppers but have yet to purchase anything from the brand. I love serums so will be checking this one out.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thanks for visiting Shireen! :)

  3. I loved the Boot No. 7 serum as well. I got mine in the Frosty Voxbox too! I like that it's not greasy and my skin looked great after using it!
    Great review by the way!


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