September 15, 2014

Liebster Award

This is my first Liebster Award. :D 
I was nominated by the lovely ChloĆ© of {Hello English Rose}. 
Thank you for nominating me. ^^

So what is the Liebster Award? 
It's a great way to get blogs with under 200 followers more recognition.

In case you are unsure, here is what you do:
1. You link back the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the questions that were given to you by the person who nominated you.
3. Choose between 5-11 bloggers with less then 200 followers.
4. Give them questions to answer.

Here are my answers to the questions from ChloƩ .

1. Favourite beauty blogger?
My favorite beauty blogger is Michelle Phan. I started watching her stuff when she just began the Youtuber movement back when she had about 1,000 views. She offers great advice for skincare and makeup without overcomplicating things. :)

2. Favourite TV/Movie character?
I have to say Jack Sparrow hands down. He is my all time movie character crush. Johnny Depp x Pirates = swoon worthy.

3. Can you speak any languages other than your own?
Studied Spanish for 2 years and picked up a lot more living in Miami. :) I studied Japanese for a year. I know a little German from using Duolingo.

4. If you could swap bodies with anyone for a day who would it be and why?
Hm..this is a hard one to answer. I would swap bodies with ... Rupaul. Not many people would pick him but I would swap because I think he leads a very fun, happy life and love the energy he feeds to his fans.

5. Favourite music artist?
At the moment, my favorite is Kiesza. I love her style of music mixing 90s beats with some edm-ish stuff.

6. What superpower would you have and why?
I would like the same superpower as Storm from X-men in controlling the weather because it comes with the perks of being able to fly.

7. If you had the chance to do anything in the world what would it be?
I would travel to every country on my bucket list.

8. Favourite magazine?
I like Elle because it has interesting feature stories sometimes about amazing women and suggestions for new things to try in beauty/fashion.

9. Favourite makeup/nail polish brand?
Zoya for nail polish. It has really good consistency and comes in a lot of colors I like. When it dries, it looks shiny so I can forego a top coat sometimes. It's also free of harsh cancer causing chemicals in its formula  and is vegan friendly.

10. If you had a one way ticket to any destination where would you go and why?
I would go to France because I love pastries, breads, and other baked goods. ^-^ Can't wait to try them all.

11. Dream job?
Traveling the world to be a travel reviewer for food and fun things to do.

Here are my nominees:

My questions to you guys are:
1. Why did you decide to start your own blog?
2. Who is your favorite character from a TV show/movie and why?
3. What are your favorite things to wear in the Fall season?
4. What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to food and why?
6. What is your dream job?
7. What is your biggest pet peeve?
8. Favorite beauty/fashion item you can't live without?
9. If you could name your own country, what would you call it?
10. What is your morning ritual?
11. What advice would you give to your future self in 5 years?

Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this response, its always great to get to know bloggers better! Please come visit me too at Thanks for letting me read!

    1. :) Thanks for visiting Melissy. I like reading "get to know the blogger" type posts too by letting you know more about the mind behind the face haha. I'll definitely be reading your post on FAB Facial Radiance Polish, been wondering if its worth trying.


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