September 13, 2014

Review: Benefit Posiebalm

Benefit Posie Balm -
Benefit Posiebalm from Birchbox (Sample Size)

Benefit Posiebalm (Full Size) // Photo Credit:

Benefit Posie Balm -
Color Swatch of Benefit Posiebalm in Poppy Pink

Contains: Mango Butter -- Moisturizing for the skin

Targets: Dry lips, chapped lips

Available Colors: Poppy Pink

The Benefit Posiebalm is a hydrating tinted lip balm created by Benefit Cosmetics. According to the official website, it claims that this product will give you softer looking lips and a perfect pout. The active ingredients in this lip balm are mango butter and sodium hyaluronate working together as moisturizers for you lips. It is also a versatile shade of pink that looks flattering on all skin tones.

Now, does it work?

Benefit Posie Balm -
Natural Lip Color
Benefit Posie Balm -
Lips after applying Benefit Posiebalm

As you can see from the before and after shots, this lip balm applies as a sheer pink. I applied using 2 coats in the photo and it came out a brighter pink than my natural lip color but not a huge difference. I think when using this product, my lips appear and feel more moisturized and soft. I like using tinted lip balms more than lipsticks because not only does it give a more natural look but also will brighten your complexion as it moisturizes.

Benefit Cosmetics claims on their website that this shade is buildable even though it is sheer. The other times I have used this, I layered about 3 - 4 times and my lips did appear a brighter pink but it won't be as bright as a matte pink lipstick. I really like how it feels non-greasy and it is not sticky at all so you won't get any lip smacking sounds with this lippy. ^.~

Bear in mind that this is a lip tint and not a lip stain. This sheer pink color will not stay on your lips for past 1 hour. However, it's moisturizing properties will. :D So even if you accidentally wipe it off, your lips will still feel baby soft.

If you dislike floral scents for lipsticks or lip balms, you shouldn't buy this. The only qualm I have over this is that it is floral scented, which I don't like for lip products. While wearing Posiebalm, it literally feels like you have flowers in your mouth because the fragrance is so strong. 

Considering that this lip balm is mostly of mango butter, it will melt if exposed to heat. As you are applying this, the warmth from you lips will melt it a little and deform the shape of the stick. If you have used Revlon's Lip Butters before, you will understand what I mean. Just don't leave it in your car on a hot day and keep it somewhere that doesn't get too warm.

Despite the negatives, I still recommend the Posiebalm if you are looking for a very hydrating lip balm. It is effective in giving dry lips the hydration it needs for long periods of time. With the Posibalm, you can re-apply after every couple hours instead of every couple minutes. 

Benefit Posie Balm
Retails: $18.00  (Full size 3.0g/0.10oz)

Official Description Page:
*Available at Ulta, Sephora, Birchbox, and other places that sells the brand Benefit Cosmetics

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