October 16, 2014

October 2014 Birchbox: Unboxing

October 2014 Birchbox -- intrice.blogspot.com
My October 2014 Birchbox Snapshot

October 2014 Birchbox -- intrice.blogspot.com
October 2014 Birchbox  // Theme: Fanfare
Actual Value of My Box: $40.91
Total Cost of October 2014 Birchbox: $10.00

This month's Birchbox took a little bit longer to ship out than usual. I received my box on Tuesday. The theme this month was "fanfare." So fandoms of tv, music, books, and of course beauty essentials! Here are my reactions with the estimated value of my samples from my subscription.

Atelier Cologne in Cedrat Enivrant Cologne Absolue -- intrice.blogspot.com
Atelier Cologne in Cedrat Enivrant Cologne Absolue

Atelier Cologne in Cedrat Enivrant Cologne Absolue  -- $65 Full Size // 30 ml.
[ Estimated Value: $2.16 // 1ml ] 

I received a different Atelier Cologne in last month's box and it was presented in the same packaging. Postcard + Fragrance Sample + Vellum Envelope. It looks like this postcard is of a table with a bunch of random stuff (including Mahjong tiles) ! Not too happy to get another fragrance sample. I feel like I have a huge collection.

    dr. brandt Pores no More Vacuum Cleaner -- intrice.blogspot.com
    dr. brandt Pores no More Vacuum Cleaner

    dr. brandt Pores no More Vacuum Cleaner -- $45 Full Size (drbrandtskincare.com) // 1 oz. 
    [ Estimated Value: $11.25 // .25 oz  ]

    I always wanted to try dr.brandt products but have not because it is on the pricey side for skin care. My nose is prone to getting blackheads so I was happy to find this in my box. It is also made for oily/combination skin types. I have not heard anything about this product so no clue if it works or not.
      Lord & Berry Paillettes Glitter Eye Pencil in Black -- intrice.blogspot.com
      Lord and Berry Paillettes Glitter Eye Pencil in Black

      Lord and Berry Paillettes Glitter Eye Pencil in Black -- $18 Full Size // .04 oz 
      [ Estimated Value: $4.50 // .01 oz  ] 

      This was one of the other "PYS" (pick your sample) options for October. A lot of other Birchbox subscribers posting on one of the make up forums I read were not happy to find this in their boxes. I agree with them that this sample is a bit on the small side. It's smaller than a Q-tip! 

      This one reminded me of the Cynthia Rowley's shimmery eye pencil when I first saw it. I did a quick test to see how intense the black is and its not that dark. The glitter pigments does show up though, which is surprising because many reviews for it says this eyeliner sucks. I don't think I will end up using this because I don't like glitter.
        ModelCo Party Proof Matter Lipstick in Kitty

        ModelCo Party Proof Matter Lipstick in Kitty -- $24 // 3 Pack  
        [ Estimated Value: $8  ] 

        This was my "PYS" (pick your sample) choice for October's box. This item is the one I am most excited about using. I read that it has really good staying power so I wanted this over the other sample choices offered this month. It also smells really good too. From looking at the color of the lipstick, it looks mauve and I am hoping it will be a good nude for my lips. 

        Toni & Guy Classic Shine Serum -- intrice.blogspot.com
        Toni and Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum

        Toni and Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum -- $15 Full Size // 1 fl oz. 
        [ Estimated Value: $15 // 1 fl oz.  ] 

        When I first took a peek online for what items I would get this month, I was worried how big the sample would be because the full size is like 1 oz and I imagined it to be a pretty small bottle. From stalking the makeup forums, it looked like no one posted pictures of a box similar to mine so all I could do is wait in anticipation. 

        Luckily, this one arrived full size. Compared to the price of Beauty and Protect and No.7's hair serums it is cheaper. This is another hair serum for adding shine and taming frizz. 
          My Final Thoughts:
          If I have to rate this box, I would say it is a 3 out of 5. The value of the box this month is high but I felt indifferent towards most of the items. I think only 2 out of 5 samples, which were the lipstick and the pores no more, I really liked based on first impressions

          What were you most excited about in this month's box? 
          Are there any items you liked from my October box?  
          Leave me a comment below or tweet me @intriceblog :)

          x Carol

          Birchbox is a beauty and skincare subscription service that ships out a box monthly with 4-6 samples available in their online store. Each box costs $10 a month and you can do a monthly or yearly subscription with the freedom to cancel at any time. They also do a subscription box for men too! If you want to join Birchbox, you can sign up here.


          1. I got the same lipstick this month and I love it! I use it several times a week now, the color is a great shimmery neutral. Word of warning if you have dry, peeling, or cracked lips it can highlight that.

            1. The color sounds really amazing, I still havn't had the chance to try it out yet. Thanks for giving me the warning, I'll definitely use a lip scrub before applying this. It always sucks when you find a lip color you like but then its the kind that seeps into the cracks of your lips if they get dry throughout the day.

          2. I got the hair serum from somewhere else and I love it! It's great for the mid day frizzies for putting on your ends. :)

            1. Yay! :) I hope it works the same for me when I use it Naomi.

          3. Great post, those are some nice products

            Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

          4. Replies
            1. I love it too! :) It has opened my eyes to many awesome products I wouldn't have known about if it wasn't for them.

          5. I would love to know what you think of Toni&Guy when you have a chance to sample it. Its a new line that I've seen at BB, but also Target! I would love to know more about it before making the splurge. Thanks for the review!

            1. I'll let you know when I try it. It looks promising, lol.

            2. Hey Suzanne, I used the Toni&Guy Shine Gloss Serum yesterday and it worked much better than expected. My hair didn't feel extra greasy and it was able to smooth out my flyaways and frizz better than other hair oils that cost a lot more than it. I was surprised to find that my hair also felt a lot softer too the next day. :) Definitely worth trying it you have similar hair woes as me. Thanks for letting me know its available at Target, which is much less waiting time than to order from Birchbox.

            3. That's so great to hear! :-) I definitely have frizzy hair since its a mix of kinky strands and straight strands. I'll keep this in mind when I need a new hair serum since I'm set for right now. I'm going to try out their Sea Salt spray, and I'll definitely be sharing my review!

          6. I received the exact same October box as you! Even down to the lipstick as my sample choice! I haven't tried everything yet, but I really like the TONI&GUY serum. It does a great job of smoothing any flyaways or frizz. I also agree with Victoria's comment about the lipstick -- it's a little thick and definitely highlights any imperfections. I still like it, though, and have been wearing it quite a bit.

            I haven't posted my review yet, but I'm glad I stumbled across yours because it's always nice to know what other people think.

            1. Yay! Box twins xD. Thanks for letting me know about the lipstick and serum and I like reading what other people think too. I started wearing the lipstick a lot this past week and for me its a "my lips but better" shade. I feel like it looks very very close to my natural lip color. I always do a lip scrub before applying though too after what Victoria said and my lips looked smooth all day. You can do mix a bit of sugar to form a paste with a drop or two of honey and small drop vanilla extract (optional) for a diy lip scrub to exfoliate if you don't have a store bought one. I like using lip scrubs before applying lipstick so I can know if the lippy is drying or not. I just tried the Toni&Guy serum once yesterday and I liked it. It gave me the same results as you with smoothing flyaways and frizz, which is my worst hair issue. >.< Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the review! :D


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