November 11, 2014

Review: Toni and Guy Classic Shine Gloss Hair Serum

Toni and Guy Classic Shine Gloss Hair Serum -
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Toni and Guy is a hair care brand with products that help make hair styling become effortless. If you read my hair care related posts before then you probably remember that my biggest hair woes are frizz and flyaway hair. 

When I took a peek at what was coming in my October Birchbox and saw that Toni and Guy's Classic Shine Gloss Hair Serum was part of it, I knew it was something I had to try. This product promises to make your hair sleek and shiny all while taming frizz throughout the day. 

How To Use It:

Apply 1 -2 pumps, about a dime size amount on your hand. Starting at the ends, begin to work your way up through your hair and putting most of the serum on the ends and mid-level sections of the hair. This is to prevent having too much of the serum sitting at your roots, which can cause unsightly bumps to appear on the scalp from too much oil buildup. 

I always rub the hair serum between my hands to warm it up a little before applying so I could cover a wider area when patting it and smoothing it through my hair strands. I followed up with lightly brushing my hair with a toothbrush (one designated for my hair) to help evenly distribute it and focusing extra serum coverage on those pesky flyaway strands that refuse to lay flat. 

Toni and Guy Classic Shine Gloss Hair Serum -
Toni and Guy Classic Shine Gloss Hair Serum (back)
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Final Results:

Upon first application, only 2 of my flyaways still remained on the top on my head with the rest of them finally laying flat. Usually, I am staring at myself in the mirror and seeing about 20 of them standing up. I was amazed at how quickly it absorbed into the hair follicle. Perhaps my hair strands were a bit thirsty. By the end of the day, my hair felt feathery soft. 

There were areas where I thought I put too much and it did appear greasy but it eventually blended into my hair strands. After a few minutes, the greasy look disappeared and my hair had a healthy shine. I was very surprised that after using the serum, my hands did not feel sticky or oily either. As for keeping my hair straight, I think it works okay but don't expect it to make your hair pin straight without a flat iron. While using Toni and Guy's Classic Shine Gloss Serum, it kept my frizz controlled for at least 2 hours in humid weather. 

Compared to other hair serums and oils (like Orofluido [$29.99] or Number 4's Super Comb Prep & Protect [$35] ) that promise similar results in frizz taming, I think this one works just as well as the expensive ones. The Toni and Guy's Classic Shine Gloss Serum also costs at least $10 less than other mid-range to high-end hair styling products. 

A few things to keep in mind though about Toni and Guy's Classic Shine Gloss Serum is that it does not protect your hair from UV damage or prevent hair color from fading, which some expensive brands claim they can do. Despite it lacking these qualities, I would still recommend this product as something worth trying for people who struggle with frizz and want sleek shiny hair.

Are you going to try Toni and Guy's Classic Shine Gloss Serum?How did this hair serum work for you if you used it before? 
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x Carol

Toni and Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum
Retail Value: $15 (1 fl oz. - Full Size)
Where its available: Target (in-stores and online),


  1. I also use this, it works really well

    1. I was so happy when I saw the results. ^^


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