December 19, 2014

December 2014 Birchbox Unboxing

december birchbox 2014 - photo credit:

I thought my box was being held hostage at the post office since it took so long to arrive. From stalking the tracking number updates, my Birchbox was sitting at my post office facility for about 3 days. After the long wait, here are the samples I got in my December 2014 Birchbox and my reactions.

Total Cost: $10.00
Actual Value: $56.37

Borghese Splendore Brightening Makeup (1 fl oz)
Retails: $30

borghese splendore brightening makeup - photo credit:
Borghese Splendore Brightening Makeup - Photo Credit:
The Borghese Splendore Brightening Makeup is a brightening foundation in a bottle containing shimmer pigments. The tube I got in my box is 1 fl oz so this is the full size version.

When I read the words "shimmer," I was immediately turned off. I dislike facial products with shimmer because it's hard to find one that won't leave you face shiny like a disco ball.With face makeup that has shimmer, it can either be too much or just right.

I will have to see if this is something I can use everyday or end up using only for special occasions. It already looks like it will work similar to Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Shimmer, which isn't shimmer heavy and I can use daily. I will probably do a comparison post of these two products later.

SeaRX Anti-Wrinkle Facial Lift Treatment Serum  (0.5 oz)
Retails: $34

SeaRX Anti-Wrinkle Facial Lift Treatment Serum - photo credit:
SeaRX Anti-Wrinkle Facial Lift Treatment Serum - Photo Credit:
I don't have many wrinkles yet but it doesn't hurt to start incorporating an anti-wrinkle cream into my skincare regime at my age. Maybe this product will be the one for me. This contains Dead Sea minerals, which is their main ingredient to fight fine lines and wrinkles.

On the sample size tube it doesn't say what size it is so I will estimate its 0.1 oz because it feels so light in my hand. I thought it was interesting that for the SeaRX Anti-Wrinkling Serum tube it says, "Not for children under the age of 18. Do not use while pregnant or nursing." This must be extremely strong stuff for the skin!

Mirenesse iCurl Secret Weapon 24 Hour Mascara (.35 oz)
Retails: $29

Mirenesse iCurl Secret Weapon 24 Hour Mascara - photo credit:
Mirenesse iCurl Secret Weapon 24 Hour Mascara - Photo Credit:
This was my PYS (pick your sample) choice for my December 2014 Birchbox. I was going to pick the rose gold liner and then I wanted the guest curated box. In the end, I finally picked this after reading how it worked.

From reading about the Mirenesse iCurl Secret Weapon 24 Hour Mascara, it works similar to Blinc Mascara in application by extending lashes with a special formula giving you tubing fiber lashes. Like Blinc, this washes off with warm water so no need to use an eye makeup remover. The only difference appears to be the brush shape where this Mirenesse mascara wand is curved and Blinc's mascara wand is straight.

RUSK Texture Spray (1.5 oz)
Retails: $7

RUSK Texture Spray - photo credit:
RUSK Texture Spray - Photo Credit:
I don't really use hairsprays so this was kind of the "I wish I got something else instead of this" item in my box. I know they sell RUSK products at my local Publix, Target, and even at Marshalls. I hate the feeling of hairspray making your hair feeling hard and looking like plastic. This one claims to leave hair feeling soft while giving your hair texture and holding its style.

Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Treatment Mask (Includes 6 tubes, 0.33 oz. each)
Retails: $58

Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Treatment Mask - photo credit:
Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Treatment Mask - Photo Credit:
This was a PYS in a previous Birchbox month. I was in between choosing this product and the PYS I ended up picking that month. I am happy I got it in my December box to try it out. I am a facial mask fanatic and love tea!

The Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Mask tube that was part of my box had some dried mask residue on the outside. I thought the tube exploded. Luckily, the tube was still good as new and unopened. This facial mask takes less time than others. You only have to leave it on for 8 minutes to reap the benefits.

What did you get in this month's box and were you happy with the selections?
Have you tried any of these products before?
Share your thoughts with me in the comments or tweet me @intriceblog. :) 

x Carol 

Birchbox is a beauty and skincare subscription service that ships out a box monthly with 4-6 samples available in their online store. Each box costs $10 a month and you can do a monthly or yearly subscription with the freedom to cancel at any time. They also do a subscription box for men too! If you want to join Birchbox, you can sign up here.


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