December 16, 2014

Zoya Mystery Bag 2014

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This Zoya Mystery Bag was the one time Cyber Monday Deal for 2014 for Zoya Nail Polish. I rarely invest in mystery box grab bag type of deals but since it was Zoya (and I love their polishes!) I ordered one this year before it was sold out. This is an unboxing post of what you will find inside.

Zoya Mystery Bag: $15.00 (w/ free shipping)
Actual Value: $59.00

  ****Spoiler Alert!**** 
If you do not want spoilers about the Zoya Mystery Bag then don't read the rest of this post! 

From reading the description when ordering, Zoya just mentions the Mystery Bag will include a box and a bag. I could already guess what would be the "bag" part from looking around the website. It had to be a Zoya Color Lock System! When I opened the box and saw this adorable kit I was ecstatic! 

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The items in the Zoya Mini Color Lock System are mini versions of the Zoya Remove Plus (a very good polish remover and it smells like lavender), Zoya Anchor Base Coat, Zoya Armor Top Coat, and Zoya Fast Drying Drops.

Zoya Mini Color Lock System
Retails: $20

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For a long time, I debated about getting this but I never got around to ordering it because of the price. I hope the Zoya Color Lock System will go well with their nail polish formulas allowing my nails to be chip free, shiny, and last at least 1 week. I will write a complete review when I get a chance to use everything from this kit.

Next in the reveal are what items were in the box. Inside the box was another box and something wrapped in tissue paper.

I think we all had a hunch nail polish would be a part of the set except no one knew if it would be full size or the limited time Mini Glams that Zoya brings out for the holidays. From looking at the Zoya Mini Glams page, I didn't own any of the possible colors. I was sure they would include one of the polishes from the Pixie collection for the holidays but my guess was wrong.

The box in a box had 3 mini Zoya nail polishes each individually boxed inside the full size polishes box they use for trios. I guess you can call this a box in a box in a box. 

I read prior to receiving this that everyone will get the same 3 colors. I wasn't upset with the color choices Zoya sent. The ones that arrived as part of the Zoya Mystery Bag were mini versions of Willa (Onyx Black), Lael (Deep Plum Purple - Grape), and Alix (Mid-Tone Red), which all have a creme finish with no shimmer.

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Willa (mini), Lael (mini), Alix (mini)
Retails: $5 each x 3 = $15

zoya mystery bag 2014 - willa lael alix nail polish - photo credit:

I think Willa, Lael, and Alix are all colors that will look great with any skin tone. These are shades that most people would use often or like a lot. It is also possible you might already have these staple colors in your nail polish collection but from another brand.

Finally, the last two items that are part of the box portion of the Zoya Mystery Bag are the things wrapped in tissue paper. 

They were the Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator and a Zoya Velvet Matte Lipstick. 

Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator (0.25oz)
Retails: $12

zoya mystery bag 2014 - qtica natural nail growth stimulator - photo credit:

I did not even know Zoya carried this product and it is new to me. The box says it will help improve overall nail health. Hoping this will help my nails grow faster than normal and add strength to them. This is not a bad item to get in the Zoya Mystery Bag if you avidly use nail polish.

Zoya Matte Velvet Lipstick in Red
Retails: $12

zoya mystery bag 2014 - matte velvet lipstick in red - photo credit:

I love this shade of red for the Zoya Matte Velvet Lipstick! It is a cool-toned red, which is flattering for many skin tones. No worry for clown lips with this lippy.

From reading on a Reddit sub-forum, everyone will get either this lipstick or a lip balm (probably one from the Hot Lips collection) in their Zoya Mystery Bag.

The Zoya Mystery Bag also came with 2 coupon codes to use on a future online order. (50% Your Next Order + Free Zoya Remover Plus Large Size)

Overall, I am very happy with the Zoya Mystery Bag. It was everything I hoped for and more! 

I know some people were upset on a sub-forum in Reddit when finding out they would be getting the Zoya Color Lock System and the Zoya Matte Velvet Lipstick/lip balm but I think both are great items to include in the mystery bag considering their price.

Others even expected there would be a Zoya Dream Box (normally $30 for 3 full size pre-determined polishes) like in last year's grab bag. I think if they gave us 3 full size nail polishes I would be happy too but most likely they would have cut back on the two tissue paper wrapped items.

The Zoya Mystery Bag is a steal because you are getting $59 worth of stuff all for $15 (with shipping included!) This is not a bad investment. With most of these items in their own little boxes, they could be great for gift additions for friends and family too this holiday season.

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Did you order the Zoya Mystery Bag or wished you did? 
Are you happy with the products in this grab bag or wished there was more?
Share your thoughts with me in the comments! :) 

x Carol


  1. Everything looks great, I have never tried out this brand before.. Thank you for sharing

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. I had never heard of this brand. It looks like a good deal even without the full size polishes. I like your box in a box in a box comment. :)

    Shea |


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